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Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis, Psychotherapy

Petra Widmer (Toshi), Dipl.Psych. is a licensed Hypnotherapist, studied 6 years psychology at Johann.W.Goethe university Frankfurt. She received her training in hypnotherapy in southern France by Dr.G.Bayer and at the "Estudio de Bioinformación S.L.",Valencia. Working als yoga-teacher and hynotherapist since 15 years in Spain she combines western methods of psychotherapy, like hypnotherapy, Roger's client-centered psychotherapie, bioenergetics, with the eastern methods of meditation, yoga, chakra-balancing, and breathing therapy.


Petra Widmer (Toshi) was initiated into YOGA in an intense and profound way in 1984 by a close B.K.S. Iyengar student in India. Since then she has also studied with other teachers from the Iyengar institutes as well as Ashtanga Yoga teachers. In her classes apart of Hatha-Yoga she also puts accent on Kriya Yoga (Kappalabhati and Bandhas) as well as breath awareness and sound (humming and OM). Besides working asanas in a detailed way she emphazises on the fluidity and balanced rhytm, integrating passivity and activity as much as on opening of breathing and awareness.

Constantly refining her own style she is working with small groups continously, mainly in spanish, but also anytime with english or german speaking visitors.

Welcome anyone also on a short term basis, if you are in Ibiza on vacations, or if you are planning some yoga vacation, alone or with a group, we can always work out some kind of schedule

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